With winters just around the corner, it is time for us to change our skin care routine and take that extra special care of our skin. Winter can particularly be the most difficult and trying time for the skin as it starts to feel dry, cracked and irritated. 

Read on to find out some simple tips which you can incorporate in your everyday routine for flawless and healthy skin this winter.

1. Drinking plenty of Water
Since it's not hot and humid anymore it can be very easy to forget to drink water at regular intervals. Hydrating your skin from within by drinking lots of water is crucial during winters. Always carry a bottle of water while travelling. Herbal tea is also a good alternative when it gets really cold. Drinking at least 9 to 13 glasses of water every day will give you healthy and glowing skin all year round.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin is a great way to get rid of all the dead cells which tend to be dry and coarse. It also allows the moisturizer to penetrate the skin better. Just make sure you don’t exfoliate more than twice a week and switch to gentle exfoliators which soothe your skin while retaining the natural moisture.

3. Moisturize
Most people find it difficult to switch their skin care routine from summer to winter. You need to cut off your harsh face scrubs and toners during winters because it dries out your skin even more. If you moisturize once a day during summers then moisturize twice a day during winters. Applying a hydrating Night cream will also help in rejuvenating your skin while you sleep.

4. Don’t Skip that Sunscreen
Don’t say goodbye to your sunscreen just yet ! Sun protection is probably the last thing on your mind during winters, but the sun’s rays can damage your skin even on cloudy days. Always apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more every day or you could use a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside and apply it again every 2 hours if you are planning to stay out for a longer time. Another easy alternative especially if you do not like to apply layers of product on your face is to mix your sunscreen with foundation to given an even finish to your face.

5. Use Lip balms with SPF
Don’t neglect your lips. Since lips do not have any natural oils they are prone to drying and chapping during winters. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead cells from time to time. Sun exposure can make chapped lips even worse; apply plenty of lip balm with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or more in it. Avoid licking your lips too often as they lead to dry and bleeding lips. Always carry a lip balm while travelling and apply it as and when you feel your lips are beginning to dry. If you apply lipstick regularly then choose a moisturising lipstick to keep your lips from cracking.

Well, I hope this post has been helpful and hope all of you out there take great care of your skin this holiday season. Happy Holidays..!! 


We are always wondering how to keep our nails fabulous, healthy and strong well here is a product that will keep your nails really happy…!!
Know your nails with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

I have had a major issue with chipping nails; my nail polish would chip off very fast, nails looked thin, lifeless and dull all in all a total embarrassment. So finally I decided that it was high time I invested in a nail care product and came across the “Sally Hansen Hard as Nails – The Original Nail Clinic in a bottle” and voila I have never looked back since.

The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is a nail hardener, a clear liquid which you apply as a base coat before you apply your polish or, you can use it as it is. It prevents your nails from chipping, splitting and cracking and gives your nails a hard, smooth chip-resistant surface and helps strengthens your nails.

I have been using this product for over three months now and I am in love with this product. There is a visible change in my nails, they no longer chip or split they are strong and healthy and have a shine to them too which make me really happy. I use it as a base coat before applying my polish and on no polish days I simply apply it as it is.

A great product and a must try for the much needed TLC for chipped and lifeless nails.

Priced at Rs. 475/- for 13.3 ml which may be a bit expensive for some but I feel it's an investment and definitely worth the money.


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