We all know how to apply mascara right, but still there are a few pitfalls to this simple art of applying mascara. Here are the 5 mascara mistakes…

Applying too many coats… like over 50 coats!!
Ok, we all get a bit carried away with making our lashes look voluminous, long and beautiful, and in that process we tend to pile on coats and coats of mascara and the outcome is spidery eyes (eeeks!!) who wants those right. So, apply 2-3 coats max that’s it stop right there and don’t go any further otherwise it will clump up your lashes.

Pumping the wand
Pumping the mascara wand in and out ruins your mascara. When you pump the wand over and over you tend to pump air into it resulting in the mascara to dry much faster than it usually would. All the excess air causes clumps and flakes. So stop doing that to make your mascara last longer.

Holding on to expired mascara
If you can’t remember when you have bought your mascara then throw it away immediately. The germs and bacteria that grow inside it can lead to irritation, itching, redness of the eyes and even styes (They are an infection at the base of the eyelashes, under the eyelashes or even inside the eyelids) so, be very careful about your mascara date. Write down the date of purchase on your mascara this way you will know how old it’s been.

Ignoring the roots
The reason we use mascara is to make our lashes look voluminous, long and fluffy. Well, you ain’t getting that if you half coat your lashes and ignore applying mascara from the roots. The common mistake that we do is that we apply mascara on the tips of our lashes which makes the lashes look shorter. Wiggle the wand into the roots and up the lashes and oh! try titling your head back a bit and keep the mascara as close to the roots, it really helps.

Take it slow
Haste makes waste indeed. When we are in a hurry we end up applying mascara too fast and then have mascara on our eyelids. All the hasty applications will ruin the lovely eye make-up we have done, plus cleaning it up is also messy, tedious and time consuming. Use a Q-tip or a cloth dipped in eye make-up remover and with gentle strokes clean up any spots. Take it slow, take your own time and apply mascara in a perfect way.

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