We are always wondering how to keep our nails fabulous, healthy and strong well here is a product that will keep your nails really happy…!!
Know your nails with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

I have had a major issue with chipping nails; my nail polish would chip off very fast, nails looked thin, lifeless and dull all in all a total embarrassment. So finally I decided that it was high time I invested in a nail care product and came across the “Sally Hansen Hard as Nails – The Original Nail Clinic in a bottle” and voila I have never looked back since.

The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is a nail hardener, a clear liquid which you apply as a base coat before you apply your polish or, you can use it as it is. It prevents your nails from chipping, splitting and cracking and gives your nails a hard, smooth chip-resistant surface and helps strengthens your nails.

I have been using this product for over three months now and I am in love with this product. There is a visible change in my nails, they no longer chip or split they are strong and healthy and have a shine to them too which make me really happy. I use it as a base coat before applying my polish and on no polish days I simply apply it as it is.

A great product and a must try for the much needed TLC for chipped and lifeless nails.

Priced at Rs. 475/- for 13.3 ml which may be a bit expensive for some but I feel it's an investment and definitely worth the money.


  1. where did you buy it from?

    1. Hi Tanya, I bought it online. It is available on amazon.


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