I don’t really experiment with skin care products that often because I tend to break out if it doesn’t suit me. I have never used a night cream before and I really wanted to try it but I wanted something that is light on my skin. My latest discovery is the Forest Essentials Jasmine & Patchouli Night Treatment cream.

I have been using the night cream for a good 3 months now and I must say it has made a lot of difference to my skin texture. The consistency of the cream is thick yet very light. You just need a small amount of the cream and apply it evenly in upward strokes on your face and neck. Despite the cream being thick it’s not greasy and it absorbs easily. This Jasmine & Patchouli night cream is specifically for oily to combination skin.

After using this product for a good 15-20 days that I started to notice the difference. The dullness on my skin had reduced quite a bit and I would have soft and glowing skin every morning. It is highly moisturising and hydrating which leaves your skin smooth and soft and with time the overall texture improves. Forest essentials is 100% natural and this night cream is free from any Parabens, Petroleum, GMO, Sulphates, Formaldehyde, PEGS, artificial colour, synthetic fragrance and animal testing.

Coming to the fragrance, This is probably the best part because it smells absolutely amazing. Completely out of this world. It smells purely of jasmine and it actually hypnotises you for a while. I love it and it stays put for a really long time.

The packaging is really luxurious. It comes in a beautiful cardboard box and the tub is huge with a nice gold lid.
Priced at 1,595/- for 50g which is expensive but totally worth it. Considering you require a small amount every night, this tub will last you for a good 4 to 6 months easily.
This night cream has been a great investment in my skin care routine. Forest essentials have come out with amazing products this past year and I can’t wait to try more. 


The last among the lot is the L’oreal glam shine balmy gloss in Lychee Lust.  L’oreal is the newest entrant in the lip crayon bandwagon.

This is a proper glitter gloss / balm with medium pigmentation. This shade specifically is almost clear with a hint of baby pink and a lot of shimmer. It is quite moisturising and buildable however it starts to get a bit sticky with more application.

I feel that the best way to use this lip crayon is to apply it over lipstick as a gloss / balm. This is probably my least favourite among all the lip crayons. That’s mainly because I’m not really a glitter gloss person. Plus the shade I picked was definitely not that great. The darker shades are more pigmented. It bleeds quite a bit and leaves glitter on your lips after you remove it with your make up remover. It does have a twist-up though which is quite good at the price you pay.

Priced at Rs. 400/- which the cheapest so far. Overall a good product for the price but this specific shade and stickiness were a let-down for me. 


Maxfactor’s Colour Elixir Giant Pen stick is a relatively new entrant in the crayon lipstick / balm category. The colour Designer Blossom is a reddish - coral – fuchsia colour. I know sounds strange but let me explain.

This giant pen stick works as a balm and doubles up as a lipstick too. The texture is smooth and soft and is easily build-able. On the very first look in the packaging it looks like a reddish-coral colour but once you build it up on your lips the colour changes to a mauve-ish fuchsia, I guess it shows up differently on different lips but I quite like this shade and the way it shows up on my lips.
Nevertheless it is an amazing product. The pigmentation is soft, creamy and gives your lips the added moisturising. Colour payoff and staying power is amazing; it stayed on my lips for over 12 hours straight with no touch ups and even lasted through meals. 

All in all a great product priced at Rs. 675/- is much cheaper than its counterparts. Though, this too does not have the twist-up mechanism nor can it be sharpened, the colour shows up very well on application so the quantity should last a bit longer.


Our third favourite lip crayon among the top 5 is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. These have been a rage in the blogging world (for all the good reasons of course) and yes, it had to be included in this list.

Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the colour Smitten is a mauve-ish coloured balm which is build-able as a lipstick too. One swipe is good to go as a balm and a couple of more and you have yourself a lipstick Ta-da… Dual purpose indeed!
As the name suggests it is a balm stain and rightly it stains your lips. At least mine did. The balm aspect does not stay on the lips for long but the colour does. Colour payoff is really good, it does not wear off that easily and stays on your lips for a pretty long time. It has a slight menthol scent to it which stays for some time and wears off eventually; the texture of the balm is very hard but build-able. It is easy to apply and handy to carry too. As this is a balm stain, removing this is a bit of a hassle as it takes quite a lot of time and effort to get it off your lips.

If you are looking for a balm and a lipstick combo this is a good buy. Priced at Rs. 700/- may seem a bit steep for the quantity it provides. It does not have a twist-up mechanism; no sharpening required so; once the crayon conical tip reduces one has to take help of the trusty lipstick brush to apply the rest. A great product for lip balm stain lovers.


Well, the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon was a total surprise. I’ve never actually used any Bourjois Products so I was a bit sceptical about buying it but it didn’t disappoint.

This jumbo lip crayon is a proper lipstick with very good pigmentation and a slight gloss. Not the glitter kind of gloss which usually bleeds and you eventually end up having glitter all over your lip and chin area but it has a nice sheen which looks like you’ve applied gloss. It is very moisturising and hydrating with SPF 15 which is an added advantage. The colour is a beautiful deep fuchsia shade which becomes red with more application. The crayon glides on smoothly and evenly and a single swipe is enough to give an even finish however, it is buildable if you wish to have a darker lip. It also has a twist-up which is really good so you actually get good use out of the product. 

It claims to stay put for 10 hours however it stays for 5-6 hours max including meals which is quite decent. You can always have a quick touch up during the day. It is also quite easy to come off with your regular make up remover and it doesn’t leave a stain either.
Priced at Rs. 785/- which is at a higher side but totally worth it. The only downside would be the shade collection. Only 5 shades with 1 each in red, fuschia, coral, peach and plum. All in all a good product and a definite must buy.


As promised in our previous post of 5 Lip crayons / balms under Rs. 1,000, here's looking at our most favorite lip crayon - Colorbar Take Me As I Am in the shade Mischievious Wine.

This jumbo crayon is a complete bundle of joy!! I am in love with this crayon lipstick and keep going back to it again and again. Take Me as I Am is purely a lipstick and not a balm. It is super pigmented, creamy and rich. It’s very smooth and soft to apply and gives your lips a full and luscious look. Has excellent colour payoff and stays for a long time on your lips; the colour fades off gradually. This gorgeous mischievous wine colour gives my lips amazing definition and is a perfect colour for fall/winter. One easy swipe does the trick for me but you can build it up if you like. It is very convenient to remove and totally hassle free.

Priced at Rs. 800/- this might seem a bit high on budget but it is a purchase one would not regret considering its pigmentation and the quantity this crayon has and yes it comes with a dainty little sharpener too. Take me as I am comes in a wide range of funky colours too.


Crayon lipsticks or Pencil type lipsticks whatever you wish to call them, have been all over the beauty circuit lately. Clinique led the way and other brands followed suit. I know some of these products have been in the market for quite some time but there are always new entrants that keep on surprising us. Here are our top 5 picks for crayon lipsticks/balms under Rs 1000/- For detailed reviews and swatches stay tuned and watch this space.


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