I don’t really experiment with skin care products that often because I tend to break out if it doesn’t suit me. I have never used a night cream before and I really wanted to try it but I wanted something that is light on my skin. My latest discovery is the Forest Essentials Jasmine & Patchouli Night Treatment cream.

I have been using the night cream for a good 3 months now and I must say it has made a lot of difference to my skin texture. The consistency of the cream is thick yet very light. You just need a small amount of the cream and apply it evenly in upward strokes on your face and neck. Despite the cream being thick it’s not greasy and it absorbs easily. This Jasmine & Patchouli night cream is specifically for oily to combination skin.

After using this product for a good 15-20 days that I started to notice the difference. The dullness on my skin had reduced quite a bit and I would have soft and glowing skin every morning. It is highly moisturising and hydrating which leaves your skin smooth and soft and with time the overall texture improves. Forest essentials is 100% natural and this night cream is free from any Parabens, Petroleum, GMO, Sulphates, Formaldehyde, PEGS, artificial colour, synthetic fragrance and animal testing.

Coming to the fragrance, This is probably the best part because it smells absolutely amazing. Completely out of this world. It smells purely of jasmine and it actually hypnotises you for a while. I love it and it stays put for a really long time.

The packaging is really luxurious. It comes in a beautiful cardboard box and the tub is huge with a nice gold lid.
Priced at 1,595/- for 50g which is expensive but totally worth it. Considering you require a small amount every night, this tub will last you for a good 4 to 6 months easily.
This night cream has been a great investment in my skin care routine. Forest essentials have come out with amazing products this past year and I can’t wait to try more. 

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  1. This night cream from Forest Essentials is looking quite good. I must use it once for my oily skin.


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