The last among the lot is the L’oreal glam shine balmy gloss in Lychee Lust.  L’oreal is the newest entrant in the lip crayon bandwagon.

This is a proper glitter gloss / balm with medium pigmentation. This shade specifically is almost clear with a hint of baby pink and a lot of shimmer. It is quite moisturising and buildable however it starts to get a bit sticky with more application.

I feel that the best way to use this lip crayon is to apply it over lipstick as a gloss / balm. This is probably my least favourite among all the lip crayons. That’s mainly because I’m not really a glitter gloss person. Plus the shade I picked was definitely not that great. The darker shades are more pigmented. It bleeds quite a bit and leaves glitter on your lips after you remove it with your make up remover. It does have a twist-up though which is quite good at the price you pay.

Priced at Rs. 400/- which the cheapest so far. Overall a good product for the price but this specific shade and stickiness were a let-down for me. 

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