Over the weekend I went a little cray cray with my retail therapy and here’s the outcome…

1. Somerset Meadow Scented body lotion ; 2. Gardner Nail & Cuticle Therapy ; 3. Summer Hill Hand Therapy; 4. India Hicks Island Living Spider lily body lotion ; 5. Evelyn Rose hand care ; 6. Evelyn Rose Body lotion (Sample) ; 7. Rose water Hand therapy (Sample) ; 8. Pomegranate Argan & Grapeseed oil Hand Therapy (Sample)

Yup purchases from the Crabtree and Evelyn store.
I have been using Crabtree and Evelyn products for quite a while now and I absolutely love them. My all-time favourite is the India Hicks body lotion; recently they have launched their Somerset Meadows range and gosh does it smell heavenly or what. Picked up couple of things and would be reviewing them soon stay tuned!!

India Hicks Island Living Spider lily body lotion Review is up. 


The very recent launch by L’Oreal in the hair segment has been the L’OREAL Tecni Art Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo. This product has been a blessing in disguise indeed for days when you are in a rush and want to skip washing your hair with water.

The L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry shampoo comes in a 150ml can with a spray nozzle which makes it easy to handle and evenly distributes the product on your roots. Packaging wise it’s a pretty bog standard hairspray packaging nothing too fancy. It is very simple to use too; shake the can before using; spray the product keeping it around 20cm away from your roots; gently work the product in your hair with your fingers and then gently brush it out.

I used the L’Oreal dry shampoo in between washes and it was indeed a pleasant surprise I wash my hair every alternate day as it tends to get oily and greasy very fast. The product does not leave any whitish cast or residue when you spray it on your roots; absorbs the oil in your hair and leaves a very pleasant fragrance which is not at all overpowering. Another plus point is that it gives your hair good volume. I have fine hair and my hair looked voluminous instantly. If you’ve done a blow dry L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo will keep this in place the next day. 

I like this product because the one day gap that I would take not washing my hair, they would go all greasy, oily and unpresentable; but after using this dry shampoo that one day gap is no longer a stressful exercise as I have amazing looking, non-greasy, voluminous hair which smells good too.

What I observed though is that for me I cannot use this product two days back-to-back as on the second day I have to wash my hair with water I cannot tolerate the oiliness; maybe because I stay in a city with a lot of humidity and hair tends to get dirty and oily fast. Never the less it’s a good product; it does absorb the oil and leaves your hair feeling fresh. It’s also a great product when you are travelling, on the go, in a rush to dash off to your work place.

Priced at INR 950/- for 150ml can.

Have you tried the L’Oreal Tecni Art Fresh Dust Dry shampoo yet? We would love to hear what you think about it.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you want to look your very best on this day obviously; but, our take on the outfits is a bit different from the conventional Red and Pinks. We thought why not dress up in something different, something that you are comfortable in, rather than the very obvious shades that well you know many others would also be sporting.

The first outfit is simple yet a very feminine look for a lunch date. 

The second outfit is classy and elegant. Adding a trendy jacket completes your look and it can keep you warm as well in this chilly weather.


Maybelline Lip Polish Liquid Colour Balm also known as Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm for those in the USA is the first ever liquid colour balm from Maybelline New York. It is safe to say that this product is a triple threat; you get benefits of a balm, lipstick and gloss all in this one stellar product. No need to layer three separate products on your lips coz’ Maybelline Lip Polish Liquid Color Balm gives you the perfect smooth, glossy, shiny pout in just one product.

I couldn’t wait to try this product so went ahead and got myself the Maybelline Lip Polish Liquid Colour Balm in the shade glam12. Oh!! We have numbers here to distinguish the shades unlike the catchy names the US version has. Glam12 is a lovely shade indeed it’s a pretty red and maroon(y) combination it’s not too overpowering red or maroon, just the perfect blend of both shades.  It is a shade perfect to wear on your Valentines’ Day Date night/day out.

Well, I totally love this product firstly because you don’t get that sticky feeling on your lips that certain glosses tend to leave on your lips and secondly, it’s a three in one product. I have been using it daily and quite frankly liking it a lot. I don’t feel as if I have a ton of product on my lips. Maybelline Lip Polish Liquid Colour Balm has a smooth consistency and the product glides on your lips like a dream. They have a leaf shaped applicator which makes it even easier to handle the wand and the product applies perfectly and evenly. You can build up the product as per your liking. At least I didn’t find any kind of fragrance in this product so not at all repulsive smell wise.  

When I am applying this product I tend to skip lip balm as this product has it inbuilt and it’s very moisturising too, fills in the fine lines and does not settle into creases. My lips get an amazing definition giving them the perfect smooth finish of a lipstick, glassy gloss shine of a gloss and the liquid balm keeps them moisturised.  
The packaging of the product is very nice and catchy; the bottom part of the lip polish is in the shape of a lipstick. It is very handy and easy to carry too.

The only flipside of Maybelline Lip Polish is that it transfers like nobody’s business. The staying power is decent, touch-ups required due to its transferring ability; the SA claimed 6hrs; well it fades gradually leaving a slight stain like effect on your lips. I sometimes apply a lip liner first and then apply this product so it does on bleed.

To sum it up a great product and I am pretty happy with it. It’s good for someone who doesn’t like layering too many products on their lips. I will indeed purchase some nude and peachy shades perfect for every day wear. Priced at INR 450 for 5ml, is pretty good bargain and they are available in 15 spellbinding shades to match your every mood.

Have you tried the Maybelline Lip Polish Liquid Colour Balm or Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm? What are your thoughts on it? 


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