This product has been out in the market for a very long time; I know I am reviewing late; you will know why…

I love Rimmel products they are good and not very expensive too. I’ve used their lipsticks, foundations, mascaras well practically most of their makeup range and love it. When the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint was introduced I had to get my hands on them and so I did and well to be honest I am a bit disappointed with this product. I share a love-hate relationship with this product. I purchased two in the shades 320 – Don’t Let Me Go & 130 – Don’t Stop Blushing.

The packaging of the product is like that of a felt tip pen (the ones we used in school for colouring). I was intimidated by the tip of this lip tint as well as the smell; it very much smelt like a felt tip pen. Also it has a balm at the end with a transparent lid on it.

It is a two-step application where you apply the lip colour first on your lips and then over it apply the lip balm. Basically the balm is for moisturising your lips; keep them supple and soft well my lips felt drier and drier with every passing hour. No doubt the staying power of this lip tint is very good but I didn’t like the way it left my lips dry.

My thoughts on the Rimmel Lip tint  -
It is not a lip stain that can be applied directly on the lips without using gloss/balm on top.
Settles in your lips if, you tend to have dry, chapped and cracked lips.
Very difficult to remove and leaves a stain on your lips even after multiple tries.
The moisturising balm is not very moisturising.
Staying power is very good; lasts a long time on your lips, you may need to just touch up the balm. It does at time leave your lips a bit patchy.
I have tried using this with my lip balm first and then applying the tint over it, the intensity of staining your lips is lesser.

Priced at INR 555/- it is an innovative product no doubt but, it just didn’t ring any bells for me at least. I would not be purchasing this again for sure.

Have you tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint? If you have similar views about it do let us know.

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