Fun and comfortable, the maxi dress is one silhouette that works great in this weather. We show you 3 simple ways to wear your maxi dress this summer whether it’s a beach day, lunch date with your pals or if your just running 
errands !

Pair your Maxi Dress with chunky white flats and an oversized beach bag. A beautiful beige floppy hat and cat eye sunglasses will complete your fun and yet comfy beach look. And yes don’t forget that sunscreen..!!

Pairing your Maxi Dress with a white fitted blazer will add structure to the dress and the wedges add a casual yet chic look to the your outfit. Hot pink clutch and a statement necklace adds the perfect summery pop of colour to the outfit. Style and comfort all in one outfit.

Comfort and convenience is crucial when you run errands and this outfit exactly does that. One can never go wrong with a denim jacket and tan accessories. The sling bag keeps your hands free and the tan flats give the much needed comfort for all the running around. A simple and convenient outfit.

I hope you guys liked these outfit ideas. We would love to hear how you go about styling your Maxi dress.


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