Absolute random ramblings about what I currently love doing this festive season. Its winter, almost Christmas and there’s nothing like sipping hot tea out of a red festive mug. The mug in question is the Starbucks festive red cup which I totally love oh, well I am a Starbucks mug hoarder anyways & I have way too many of their mugs.

The tea is from Lipton it’s called Mint & Spice Morocco which apparently has real herbs & spices. I simply love this tea. Been sipping on it right before bedtime and it is so soothing and calming gets me in to the Zen like zone; Inner peace people Inner peace. It has this subtle hint of mint and cinnamon flavour which is so heavenly you have to try it to believe it. Cinnamon always reminds me of Christmas time. Though on a side note when you do brew the tea it does smelly funny like bubble gum; might put off some people but the taste completely makes you forget about the bubble gum smell.
This is my version of a getting into the festive mode; what’s yours?

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