It’s almost Christmas and, keeping up with the festive spirit here’s an easy chocolate coated biscuit recipe which is totally hassle free, quick and easy to make too. This is not my creation but rather my 15 year old cousin who is to be credited for this recipe. So, without further ado let us get straight to the recipe.

Compound Chocolate 200gm (you can opt for dark, milk or white chocolate, I prefer dark chocolate) – you can increase the quantity as per requirement.
Plain biscuits – 2 packs (depending upon the batch size of the chocolate)
Sprinkles of your choice for toppings

Grate the chocolate and place it in a microwave vessel. Microwave it for around 30 – 40 seconds; stir occasionally till the chocolate reaches a silky smooth consistency.

Take a biscuit and spread the chocolate on it (just like you are applying jam over bread). Then take another biscuit and place it over the other so it looks like a biscuit sandwich.

Place the biscuit sandwiches on a rack and deep freeze them for about one minute.

After one minute remove them from the freezer and then dunk the sandwich biscuits in the chocolate batter cover all the sides with chocolate and add sprinkles of your choice. Let it freeze for over a minute in the freezer. Once the chocolate has nicely set and become firm; place it on a serving plate and voila it’s ready to be devoured.

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