This is a new launch from Maybelline which in my opinion is a much upgraded version for the Maybelline Eye studio Hypersharp Liner. I have been using the Eye studio Hypersharp Liner for over a year now and I totally love the product. So, when I ran out of my trusty Hypersharp liner it was a perfect excuse to buy the newly launched colossal liner. I purchased this online last week and have been putting it to the test daily. 

Firstly, let’s take a moment and focus on the applicator tip of this liner. Unlike regular liners which have a short tip, this has a 0.4mm flexi tip applicator that enables an error free quick application. It is a spongy felt tip pen type liner which gives a precise and defined look to the eyes. It took me some practice to get used to the new applicator tip but, once you get the hang of it application is a breeze. You can apply a thin line or build it up to make it as dramatic as you want; it caters to every eyeliner need of yours.
I must say that the Colossal liner is a very intense black shade as compared to the Maybelline Eye studio Hypersharp Liner. I love this intense jet black as it defines my eyes beautifully. Staying power is amazing I mean I have had it on for over 9 hours and it didn’t budge, it didn’t fade which is a big bonus in my books.

The only teeny tiny flip side for me has been that it claims to be smudge proof and well to some extent it is; but, if you just casually happen to rub your eyes like I did quite a few times then there’s a possibility of having a panda eye situation. The eyeliner was all over my lid and corners of the lid. I have oily eyelids so this could be one reason why it might have happened, this might not be the case for the ones who have non greasy and non-oily eyelids. 
To sum it all up in a nutshell - I love this product. Packaging wise it is pretty basic like any eyeliner. Priced at INR 425/- for 1.2ml pen stick is a good bargain for the amazing results it gives in my opinion. If you have tried the Maybelline Colossal Liner do share your experiences in the comments below. I would love to hear your suggestions on how I can rectify the smudging on my oily lids. 

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