Its mid-January already winter is slowing making an exit and in no time it will be spring/summer. So, I am making the most of this weather and overdosing on dark nail varnishes a lot lately. I have an obsession of dark nail varnishes and I find myself wearing these shades in spring/summer too (lame I know). This year I have made a conscious effort to apply season appropriate nail varnishes.

My current favourite is Revlon’s Parfumier in the shade Bordeaux which is a deep plum – red which looks oh so classy on your nails. I tend to gravitate towards these kinds of shades a lot and come to think of it have a lot of nail varnishes in the similar shade in different brands. This varnish is easy to apply and the applicator brush is good and gives a fine even coat. One coat gives a fairly decent opaque finish and two coats give that glossy, shiny feel on the nails. Oh, and the gimmicky part is the perfume in this nail varnish, well it does smell like sweet plum after you have applied and it has dried well. The scent lasts for 2-3 days max and then fades gradually. I am ok with the fragrance as its mild but some might find it annoying. The staying power is good, lasted around 5 days on my nails with very minor chipping. The Parfumier collection comes in many different shades and each shade has a unique fragrance to it.

Overall a lovely shade that has good texture and the consistency is also nice. It comes in a cute glass bottle with an even cuter applicator top. Priced at INR 350/- it is pretty decent for the amazing payoff that it offers.

Have you tried the Revlon Parfumier range what’s your favourite shade?

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