This innovative body moisturiser from The Body Shop stable is the Moringa Body Sorbet with cold-pressed seed oil from handpicked Moringa pods; something different from the more conventional body moisturisers. This has a soft gel like consistency which is easy to apply and gets absorbed in the skin quickly and leaves it feeling soft, supple and smelling wonderful. It does not have any cream or lotion base so goodbye sticky arms & legs.

It’s perfect for the ones who have oily skin and do not want a body moisturiser which is too creamy and oily.  I have been using this product daily and very much happy with it indeed. This 200ml tube of goodness is perfect for summer days; it works well in slightly cooler months too; but if your skin tends to get very dry then you would need very moisturising body butter.

Priced at INR 795/- for a 200ml tube is pretty reasonable in my opinion; and lasted me good two and half months.
Have you tried The Body Shop Sorbet body moisturiser? What are your thoughts? 


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