Goodbye greasy, oily, sticky days… Say hello Garnier Oil-In-Cream. This oil replacement cream with coconut, almond and olive oil is an innovative substitute for oil i.e. oil but in a cream form… confused!! Well so was I when I first got my hands on it; and the first impressions about this product haven’t disappointed me at all. 

Using this product is pretty simple; you just have to use it like your regular oil. Either use it before a hair wash, or after wash as a styling product or even massage it in your hair and keep it overnight and wash it the next day with shampoo all without any oily fuss.

The oil-cream is not oily, sticky or greasy. Smells like shampoo and the fragrance is pleasant and stays in the hair for quite a while. The biggest positive about this product is the packaging. Unlike conventional oil bottle this being a cream is in a tube form with a flip-cap; easy handling, very travel friendly so no more explosions or leakage situations in the baggage.

Oil application has never been so much easier as Garnier Oil-In-Cream gives you mess free and grease free oiling experience. It leaves the hair feeling soft and nourished, and is great at controlling frizz too.

I love this light-weight non-greasy oil alternative and this is going to be a staple in my travel bag. Priced at INR 60/- for a 100gm tube is a complete bargain in my opinion and worth giving a try.  

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