If you always thought that a Body Mist is just an alternate for a perfume then think again. It is basically a lighter scent which is to be sprayed right after you shower. It locks in all the moisture and works almost like a body lotion except you don’t have to rub it. 

Usually the scent doesn’t last long like a perfume but there are simple tricks which can make the body mist last longer. Spray the mist right after a shower and particularly concentrate on the pulse points such as neck, wrists, between your breasts, inside the elbows and behind your knees. 

I’ve been using a body mist almost every day and even apply it during my work breaks because it makes me feel fresh in an instant. Perfumes can be a bit heavy especially in the summer and the body mist comes handy.

I absolutely love the Forest Essentials Jasmine & Saffron Body Mist. It’s floral but not over powering. Plus it comes in a plastic bottle which makes it extremely travel friendly. I carry it every day in my work bag. The scent doesn’t last long so you need to spray it every few hours. Priced at INR 975 for 100 ml.

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily on the other hand comes in a glass bottle which is quite restrictive to carry every day. The scent however is very fresh and aquatic. It has a hint of Lily but not too over powering. It’s a nice blend of woody and floral scents. The downside is definitely the glass bottle packaging but the scent does last a bit longer than the Forest Essentials body mist. Priced at INR 995 for 100 ml.

If there is one product you must add to your summer bucket list, it’s a Body Mist. They are lightly scented and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. 

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