Sunday 16th August,2015 was one of those rare Sundays where my sister & I were up before 6AM (with such dedication & determination) all prepped and decked up…reason being a flat 60% off at Forever 21 store in Oberoi Mall, Mumbai. An opportunity too good to be missed we were at the gates of the store at 7.30 AM; and to our surprise there was a sea of people waiting in the queue since 6.30 am. 

Once the doors opened a little later than 8 am all hell broke loose and we were pushed and shoved from one side to the other by the tsunami of people; and the door was nowhere in sight. To cut a long story short the SALE was insane. It was positively manic inside the store with everyone grabbing whatever was in sight but it was all worth it. Here’s a peek into some of the stuff we managed to snag in the madness. Enjoy. 

In all we purchased these items which were a steal deal.
2 hats, 3 pair of earrings; 3 statement necklaces; 4 tops; 3 dresses; 7 hair accessories… phew. That is exactly how we felt after we got out of the store.


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