I have been taking baby steps in trying out new makeup removers and for a Bioderma loyalist like me it is a big step indeed. I have oily acne prone skin so a makeup remover that doesn’t give me breakouts or sting my eyes is a winner in my books and that’s exactly why The Body Shop Camomile cleanser and Maybelline cleanser have made the list.

The Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye and makeup remover and the Maybelline Clean Express Total clean makeup remover are both bi-phased solutions that remove stubborn waterproof makeup.

I have taken quite a liking to The Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye and makeup remover because it is extremely gentle on the eye; it doesn’t burn, sting or leave any tingling sensation on the eyes, lips or face (yes I’ve used it on the face sometimes though it says otherwise on the bottle). It gets rid of stubborn waterproof eyeliners, kohl, mascara and makeup without giving that oily greasy feeling. I find it very gentle and perfect for eye makeup removing. The bottle lasted me for over 3 months and I’ve been using it regularly… thumbs up to that.  Priced at INR 795/- for 150ml bottle.

The Maybelline Clean Express Total clean makeup remover is a more affordable variant to The Body Shop one. It is slightly oilier and stings the eye sometimes if you are a bit rough while removing makeup. It removes stubborn waterproof eye make-up and you do require a couple of rubs as it doesn’t come off in a single swipe. Overall a good product; it does what it claims and is a complete bargain for INR 300/-

And the Bioderma one; well it is one of the best makeup removers/cleanser ever. It is slightly expensive but a life changer. This clear micellar water solution is extremely gentle on the eye and face. It doesn’t have any fragrance doesn’t cause breakouts; it’s perfect for sensitive skin. Available in 2 sizes – 100ml for INR 599/- and 250ml for INR 860/-

What is your favourite makeup remover? 

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