As the weather gets chilly and you are all happy, bundled and snuggled up in your warmest best; your face and lips may not always appreciate this weather as it brings about massive skin dryness and chapped lips. As one has a winter skin care routine; winter lip care is also equally important. Read along to know more about Nivea Hydro care and also some tips to keep your lips winter ready.

Recently, I was down with a nasty bout of cold and my lips were the worst affected. They were dry, badly chapped and would bleed occasionally due to the excessive dryness; I was barely able to talk. My regular lip balm was not effective at all so had to buy a new one; and that’s how Nivea Hydro Care has become my favourite winter lip balm.

This balm is very hydrating, moisturizing and soft on the lips. My dry chapped lips were back to life within 3 days of using this balm and I haven’t stopped using it since. It glides easily on the lips keeping them hydrated and moisturized. You need to keep on reapplying it; and since it is sheer you can even use it before applying your lipstick. This balm doesn’t have any fragrance which I really appreciate; as I’m not a massive fan of fragrant & flavoured lip balms. This balm has SPF 15 brownie points for added protection to your lips. Its twist up lipstick style packaging makes it travel friendly and the application easy and fuss free.

Do keep in mind these winter lip care tips:

Absolute essential…always carry a lip balm. Never leave home without it; be it rain or shine lip balm at the ready.

Reapplying lip balm throughout the day is imperative as it keeps dryness at bay.

Do not lick your lips (guilty here). This is a common mistake we all do whenever our lips feel dry and this makes matters worse as the saliva makes our lips even drier.

Exfoliate lips with a lip scrub.

Preferably apply lip balm before applying lipstick. This has dual benefit; it moisturises your lips and also makes the colour last longer. These are always a saviour in case of unforgiving matte lipsticks.

So what’s your winter lip care routine? And what is your go to lip balm for winter? 

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