Marks & Spencer has their own bath and body line along with makeup and I was quite fascinated by the packaging of the bath and body line so had to pick it up to give it a try. I picked up the Magnolia Shower Cream and Lily of the Valley Shower cream.

Packaging wise like I said I loved it. The bottle is very curvy and handy easy to hold and is made of a softer type of plastic. The shower cream dispenser is amazing. It doesn’t cause any spillage or wastage of product and you will not find the product getting stuck and accumulated around the edges; so, you have a clean hygienic bottle every time you shower. Fragrance wise I quite like Lily of the valley which has a more floral and subtle scent as opposed to Magnolia Shower cream which I find is a bit granny(ish) not in a bad way but it smells like talc.

The staying power of the fragrance is very short; no lingering fragrance here. To make the fragrance last longer you can top with up with body cream/lotions in the same fragrance. On the plus side these shower creams are moisturizing and creamy. They cleanse the skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturized. It’s perfect for winter.

Overall a decent product, not sure if I would repurchase this though. Price: INR 249/- for 250ml bottle.

Have you tried the bath and body range from Marks & Spencer? 

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