An absolute impulsive purchase along with other makeup goodies from nykaa.com led to a love affair with this product; we bring you Odiva Nail enamel remover wipes. First things first it is a very handy and travel friendly product. No fear of spillage, leakage or pungent smells as opposed to some liquid nail enamel removers. This product is a quick fix saviour in a pouch.
It wipes away dark nail enamel instantly no mess, no spills and no staining of nails. Glitter enamels are no exceptions they too come off effortlessly. These wipes are formulated with Vitamin E which is gentle on the nails, cuticles and skin so; nails feel hydrated, soft and most importantly clean.

A tip to keep in mind - once you are done removing the nail enamel; your fingers or toenails may feel a bit oily; don’t just rinse them with water but instead use a soap/hand wash because if you don’t they will feel sticky.

I have been using these wipes more often than my regular liquid nail enamel remover because I find it more convenient and fuss free. One box has 10 wipes individually packed which makes them easy to travel with. At INR 130/- this is a complete bargain and a time saviour always. A must try in my opinion and I am sure this product is going to be a recurring purchase.


  1. Hi
    I bought these wipes from Nykaa too. I have to travel often and trust me these wipes just came across as a boon. I loved it. They are so handy.
    I have just bought their polishes and can hardly wait for my shipment :) :) :)

    1. Oh yes! They are indeed a boon while travelling.
      Also do let me know how their polishes turn out. Would love to hear about it :)

    2. My sister got a Tango with Red and its fabulous. I loved the gloss. OPI and Inglot are in for competition. The color is so clean, like lively with no blackish tone. I was so intrigued that I bought their #BBTS #20 and voila!! they actually bring back the shine to matt nails. Seen many topcoats but this is really nice. As they say, a mirror finish.


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