I am no expert when it comes to packing for a week-long trip, but my habit of writing multiple lists in my diary has helped me not to over pack. I have narrowed down my in-flight essentials to only the things I really need and use. 

First off, I don’t apply makeup during flights. I like to keep my skin as clean as possible.

(Clockwise from top)

Garnier Eye Roll on – I absolutely love this Garnier Eye roll on. It doesn’t do much to reduce the dark circles but the metal tip is quite cooling and soothing to give you a good night’s sleep.

Vichy Eau Thermale Spa water – I wouldn’t call this product a necessity but it instantly calms and relaxes me every time I spray it.

Hand Sanitizer – Another essential item in my kit. I use it quite a bit especially before applying my moisturizer. I love this hand sanitizer by Zuci in Citrus Lime. It’s fresh and smells incredible.

Moisturizer – The most essential item in-flight. The air conditioning can be quite drying and a moisturizer keeps my skin feeling hydrated and soft. Currently I am using the Olay Natural White 7 in 1 cream with UV protection.

Foldable Hair brush / Mirror – This is one handy item everyone must have in their handbag. A compact sized hair brush and mirror in one and plus it’s foldable. I got this from a very old Velvette Box subscription (Now known as FabBag).

Tissues – A complete essential. I’ve been using the Premier Tissues for the longest time.

Perfume – Another must have item is a travel sized perfume. When you smell good you feel good. This See by Chloe is a perfect spring summer scent. It’s fruity and flowery yet fresh.

Face Wipes – I’ve always loved the Kara face wipes and I came across this new variant – Neem and Tea Tree. It is Anti-bacterial, Acne & Pimple control. It also Cleanses, Hydrates, Nourishes & Deodorizes. Not sure how it fares on the Acne & Pimple control part but its hydrating and does the job well at giving a squeaky clean face.  

Hand Cream – I love this L’Occitane Hand cream in Shea Butter. It is moisturising and does not have a strong smell which I quite like.  

So these are my staple in-flight essentials. Do let me know your travel essentials and if you have any product suggestions that I can use on my next trip then do pop them in the comments below.

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