A tad late to the party but nevertheless here are few of my March favourites; these are items that I have been using non-stop all throughout March. First up… 

Original Source Shower 40 Real Zingy Limes Shower Gel. If you fancy lime, lemon(y) citrus fragrances then this is your kick. If you still don’t feel awake when you are having a shower this sure will wake you up…seriously. This slime green concoction packed with tons of lime is a great way to start your day making you feel refreshed and awake. Perfect for those hot summer days when all you want to do is hop in the shower.

Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash with neem and lemon is life saviour if you tend to breakout frequently. This just does the job no questions asked. So bid your pimples goodbye with this face wash.

Kindle Paper white a bookworms dream come true; has changed my reading a lot more on a positive note. A self-confessed bookworm; I can literally complete a book within hours (Forget food, sleep) all I do is read. All my favourite books are just a click away; it has reduced physical book storage, clutter and visits to the bookstore. I do love a good traditional physical book reading experience but kindle has its perks; I can read through the night thanks to the backlight feature. And yes you can always subscribe to kindle unlimited for free reading.

Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in the shade Rose Poudre might just land up in my April favourites too; yup! I have it on my nails as I type this. A perfect every day shade and office appropriate too. Stays put without chipping and makes you want to buy all the shades in the collection. I will be doing a full review on this soon so do keep your eyes peeled.

Another gem from Maybelline is the Lipgradation series. Maybelline Lipgradation in the shade Mauve1 is the perfect matte lipstick and just stays put throughout the day. I have been having this on my lips whole of March and still continue to do so. Already purchased few other shades from this series and a full review will follow soon.

The Body Shop All in One Insta Blur Tinted concealer & Primer for Eye is a decent eye primer that lightly conceals; don’t expect extreme high coverage especially you have very dark under eye circles. This product keeps my eye liner and kajal in place and provides a smooth base for easy application though I am not very satisfied with the concealing properties as it doesn’t do much for my eyes.

Pocket Book from doodles is my handy scribbler notebook to jot down random stuff and blog ideas & the occasional sketching. Especially love these books from doodles as they have quirky designs and inspirational quotes that just perk you up.

Forever 21 dainty necklace and bangle is a constant in my everyday wardrobe. Absolutely love it as it adds that perfect feminine touch.
And the random gold coins are just chocolates that I keep on munching now and then reminiscing about how I fancied them & saved the gold wrappers as a child.  

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