I literally squealed with excitement when I found this brush on; like seriously I have been on a hunt for this brush for a long time and wasn’t sure if it was even available in India so very glad has it. Well it is called The “Wet” Brush literally; and ever since I have been using this, managing my wet hair has been a less daunting task. We all know how bad it is to use a regular brush on wet hair so this little bundle is perfect to tackle wet hair without tangling or damaging your hair.

It has strong, flexible and soft bristles that detangle without pulling hair. It doesn’t tug at the hair and is extremely gentle on the scalp (like having a gentle hair massage) I have the mini version of the brush which is perfect for my short fine hair though there are a couple of variants & colours available on to choose from.

I use it on my wet slightly towel dried hair after shower and have found that this brush is really easy to work with; it detangles hair easily without any fuss, the soft bristles are gentle on my hair and scalp and I have noticed that the amount of hair I used to lose while combing through wet hair has drastically reduced. I have never used it in shower while shampooing or conditioning my hair as far as the packaging says it’s an after shower brush. I am total convert and my experience using this brush has been and is very positive so, if you haven’t tried it I suggest you get yourself one; you will be doing your hair a huge favour.

Purchased this on for INR 295/- (India)
Official website:

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