I confess – I am a dry shampoo addict. There I’ve said it. My hair has a mind of its own; it loves to get all greasy and oily on me and I do not like to wash my hair daily. We all know that is not advisable as it strips your hair of its natural oils making it look dull and less shiny; and I love me some shiny hair.

I prefer washing my hair with a gap of 2 to 3 days (Yes. I know it might sound gross to some) but I’ve noticed a difference in my hair quality. Dry Shampoo for me is like a magic wand – poof poof and voila; I have clean, non-greasy, presentable hair in minutes. It is a saviour for managing post gym hair when I have no time for a hair wash or simply when I want to lengthen the time between hair washes. 

Being a creature of habit, I have always used Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic Original with the occasional L’oreal Dry shampoo here and there. So, it is a first for me to try the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fruity & Cheeky Cherry and Oh my word I absolutely love it. No doubt Batiste is the No 1 dry shampoo in the UK. It does what it claims. I also picked up a travel size of The Rushover Scent-sational Dry Shampoo by Soap and Glory which I am trying for the first time.

My thoughts on Batiste Dry Shampoo Fruity & Cheeky Cherry
  • Gets rid of the oily, greasiness in the hair.
  • Does not leave a white cast or chalky residue in the hair.
  • Leaves hair feeling clean, fresh, adds body and texture.
  • The cherry fragrance is refreshing and not overpowering. It lingers on for a while and gradually fades away leaving a clean fragrance.
  • Affordable. 

My thoughts on The Rushover Scent-sational Dry Shampoo by Soap and Glory
  • Gets rid of all the oil and grease in the hair. Hair feels clean and fresh.
  • Does not leave a white cast or chalky residue (If you follow the instructions to the T as mentioned on the can).
  • Fragrance is trademark soap and glory scent.
  • Felt like the fragrance was following me around. A tad overpowering for my taste.
  • Affordable.
The Rushover Scent-sational by Soap and Glory is a good option and as the name suggests it does have a lingering sensational scent. But, if I must choose I would go for Batiste Cherry Dry shampoo.

Batiste Fruity & Cheeky Dry Shampoo is available in Boots in the UAE for 30dhs (200 ml can).
Batiste Dry Shampoos are also available online on Nykaa & Amazon in India.
The Rushover Scent-sational Dry Shampoo by Soap and Glory available in Boots for 15dhs (50ml can).

Being the drugstore junkie that I am I’ve been meaning to try out newer brands of dry shampoos and Reviews.com has compiled their top 5 picks in the dry shampoo category after thorough research and hand-testing 17 products. Based on common concerns like chalky residue, odour and budget they have narrowed down to the best of the best in the dry shampoo category. If you are looking to find the best dry shampoo for your hair type and budget then click on this link http://www.reviews.com/dry-shampoo/  to make your future dry shampoo decisions much easier.

So, which is your favorite dry shampoo and why? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. 


I do love my bold reds and fuchsia and could get away with them when I was working back home. But, as I would be joining work in the new city soon I thought about sharing my favourite lipsticks that add the required pop of colour and are also work appropriate. Lately, I have been gravitating towards more earthy natural tones with hints of pink and peach in it so here are my top 6 picks. 

Holly Golightly and Rose Dawson from Sugar Cosmetics have been a very late discovery by me but, these are some really long lasting matte lip crayons out there and I absolutely love them. Holly Golightly is a lovely blend of pinkish nude which is very flattering and gives you that your-lips-but-better look. Rose Dawson is a slightly darker pink with hints of red in it. It is not too bold or dark and is perfect for work wear as well as for an evening out. These matte lipsticks have amazing pigmentation, apply like a dream and stays on the lips for over 10hrs meals included. They aren’t matte to the extent of being too dry, just perfect. Another bonus is that these lipsticks come with individual sharpeners, they are always handy.

My next favourites are the Nykaa matte lipsticks. They have been around for a while now and I do find myself reaching out to them. The shades Naughty Nude and Taupe Thrill are my personal favourites from this matte range. These lipsticks are not extremely matte as they do have a creamy moisturising texture and you can always use a tissue paper to matte it out as per your preference. Naughty Nude as the name suggests isn’t exactly a barely there nude shade but a pinkish-nude shade with a red undertones. This shade is very similar to Rose Dawson by Sugar Cosmetics. Taupe Thrill is a brown shade with pink undertones. I love this shade for that barely there lipstick look. These matte lipsticks are pigmented, apply very smoothly and have a slight vanilla scent that I like a lot.  Staying power is good around 8 hours plus. The creamy moisturising texture gives lips a soft and supple almost dewy look. 

And lastly, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Cannes is my go to always in my makeup bag lipstick which is very handy and has a travel friendly packaging. Its soft doe-foot applicator makes lipstick application precise and easy. This again is a peach pink nude very much similar to the above mentioned lipsticks and is perfect for work wear. Its formula is like a gloss but once applied it sets into this amazing matte layer that doesn’t budge from the lips and, leaves lips feeling moisturised and supple. It does have a slight fragrance which in my opinion is not at all overwhelming or overpowering.

L to R - Sugar Cosmetics Holly Golightly - Sugar Cosmetics Rose Dawson - Nykaa Matte Naughty Nude - Nykaa Matte Taupe Thrill - Sugar Cosmetics Breaking Bare - Nyx Soft Matte in Cannes
I would love to know your favourite work appropriate lipsticks. 


We all have had one particular pair of shoe/sandals with which we share a love-hate relationship. Love, because they are one of your favourite pair and hate because, they cause you a lot of pain. No ordinary pain but rather, soul numbing, blister bleeding pain. Morbid I know.

Enter the latest casualty, these Forever 21 Black sneakers which I absolutely love and look very trendy with most of my outfits but, they are a painful wear. No amount of band aids, socks or blister plasters have saved me from the pain these shoes have inflicted and yet, I have crawled back many a times to wearing them. 

My recent desert safari trip was the last time I wore them; giving me nasty blisters that has left marks and I have had enough of it. So, I have decided to let them go. If in any way they can be salvaged, do let me know in the comments below.


The reason I chose to write this post is because lately I have been having difficulty sleeping and my erratic sleeping time & habits is adding to my woes. Following healthy sleep habits can make a huge difference between restlessness and restful sleep. I want to share some of my tips that I have incorporated and what I experienced when I followed a set sleep routine. I am no expert in this area but these are some subtle changes that I have consciously made in my routine and are showing positive results. 

Step 1: Switch on the fairy lights
Half hour to 45 mins before going to bed I switch off all the lights in the room and just keep my fairy lights on. This creates a soothing atmosphere and makes me feel more relaxed and calm. It just gives a very warm and cosy feeling before bed kind of lulls me to sleep.

Step 2: Unplug
My biggest problem is that I end up reading on my kindle and by the time I realise I am way past my bedtime and clearly messed with my sleep cycle. Now I do not keep any of my gadgets nearby before going to bed. 45 minutes before bed switch off and shut down all your gadgets; no checking emails, social media or even random scrolling on the phone. I am being honest here; this is something I still struggle at times.

Step 3: Have Cup of Decaf Tea
I have been enjoying a nice cup of Decaf Green tea before bed as this really calms me and I tend to sleep immediately. I know that having caffeine is not advisable hence I opt for a Decaf version which has been suiting me and doesn’t keep me awake till 3am. 

Step 4: Tranquil Sleep pillow spray
So glad I discovered the Forest Essentials Vaishnavi Tranquil sleep pillow spray which has added a dash of luxury to my sleep routine. This 10ml spritz bottle is packed with key ingredients like Steam distilled Sandalwood essential oil, Steam distilled geranium essential oil, Steam distilled Nutmeg essential oil, and Steam distilled Lavender essential oil.

It leaves a mild and calming lingering fragrance on the pillow that helps me fall asleep much faster and promises a tranquil sleep. Fair warnings; if you are allergic to these fragrances do not continue using them. Always spritz them at a distance of 8 to 10cm from the pillow or else the fragrance would be too over powering. Two spritzes will do the job well.

Step 5:  Stick to a stipulated time
Last step but one of the most crucial ones… Stick to a set sleep time at night. You need to get at least 7hours of good sleep hence, plan your sleep time accordingly. I go to bed by 10.30pm and wake up at 5.30am to go to the gym. Following a fixed sleep time does wonders to you because you are fresher and energetic the next day as you are not sleep deprived and your productivity levels also increase.

Overall I have been noticing a positive change in myself after following this routine. I am much calmer, more fresh and energetic and productive throughout the day. I no longer skip gym or feel tired when I wake up early or have second thoughts whether I should go or skip gym altogether.

If you have any tips to improve sleep, I would love to hear them. 


Winter has finally graced Mumbai. It’s getting quite chilly in the mornings and my skin has been dry overall for the past month. I always switch my skin care during winters. Don’t necessary switch all my products but adding more moisture to my dry-combination skin is a must.

I start off with my everyday face cleanser, the clean & clear pimple clearing face wash which I absolutely love. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all and leaves it feeling clean and fresh. It has been keeping my spots at bay which is a total bonus.

I never leave my house without sunscreen, be it any season of the year. My all time favourite is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch sun-block SPF 50. This works for all skin types and does not leave a white cast on the skin. Absolutely love it.

This year my skin has been more dry than usual and the Ponds moisturising cold cream has been my saviour. It cleared all the dry patches and kept my skin moisturised for the whole day. It is slightly oily but it works well if you have dry patches or peeling skin on your face.

For body care I had been using the Body shop Fuji Green tea body lotion but by mid-day my skin would again become dry and hence I opted for the Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion. This works like a charm. It leaves my skin moisturised for the entire day without having to reapply every couple of hours.

For hands I absolutely love The Body Shop Honeymania hand cream. It smells delicious and keeps my hands free from dryness.

My evening routine includes two products which I switch as per my preference for that day. On days when my skin has been extremely dry, I use the L'Oreal extraordinary Boosting oil. Even though this is not specifically for night time, I prefer to use it at night so as to let my skin absorb it to the fullest. It makes my skin plump and fresh in the mornings.

On most nights I use the Innisfree Green tea sleeping pack. It’s a light moisturiser and it contains tiny white granules like a face scrub which dissolve as you gently massage it into your skin. I absolutely love this mask. It smells amazing and keeps my skin hydrated.

Overall, this routine has kept my skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the past month. My dry patches have also healed which is simply amazing. Glad to have found some gems right under my nose.

So, what products have been your skin saviours this winter?


I know it is a little late to put up this post since Christmas is already over and we have already ushered in the New Year but hey we can still continue with the festivities right..? Body butters are a saviour in winters and considering it’s been getting quite nippy and chilly lately here in Mumbai The Body Shop Frosted Berries body butter is a perfect excuse to continue feeling festive even in January. 

Since a normal body lotion is not doing the job for me hence the shift to body butter this time of the year. Every year The Body Shop comes out with their Christmas Special range and this year was no less; choices vary from Spiced Apple, Vanilla Chai & Frosted Berries… take your pick.

Personally, I prefer the Frosted Berries range to the other variants as this body butter smells heavenly not overly fruity just perfect for my senses. It is also extremely creamy and lasts the whole day on my body; does require a bit of massaging for it to get absorbed in the skin or else I am left with extremely greasy limbs. This body butter in my opinion is perfect to use in winter; it keeps my body moisturised the whole day and leaves it feeling soft and supple. 

So, do give this generous 200ml tub which is priced at INR 1,495/- a try and make your winter mornings a little more special. 


Flamingos captured at Sewri Mudflats (Mumbai) during Sunrise

Wishing you all a very HAPPY 2017 ! Hope you had an amazing new year's eve. This past year has been an absolute blur. We've all had our ups & downs but now its time to move on and embrace 2017 with open arms.

To new beginnings...

HELLO 2017

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