I know it is a little late to put up this post since Christmas is already over and we have already ushered in the New Year but hey we can still continue with the festivities right..? Body butters are a saviour in winters and considering it’s been getting quite nippy and chilly lately here in Mumbai The Body Shop Frosted Berries body butter is a perfect excuse to continue feeling festive even in January. 

Since a normal body lotion is not doing the job for me hence the shift to body butter this time of the year. Every year The Body Shop comes out with their Christmas Special range and this year was no less; choices vary from Spiced Apple, Vanilla Chai & Frosted Berries… take your pick.

Personally, I prefer the Frosted Berries range to the other variants as this body butter smells heavenly not overly fruity just perfect for my senses. It is also extremely creamy and lasts the whole day on my body; does require a bit of massaging for it to get absorbed in the skin or else I am left with extremely greasy limbs. This body butter in my opinion is perfect to use in winter; it keeps my body moisturised the whole day and leaves it feeling soft and supple. 

So, do give this generous 200ml tub which is priced at INR 1,495/- a try and make your winter mornings a little more special. 

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