The reason I chose to write this post is because lately I have been having difficulty sleeping and my erratic sleeping time & habits is adding to my woes. Following healthy sleep habits can make a huge difference between restlessness and restful sleep. I want to share some of my tips that I have incorporated and what I experienced when I followed a set sleep routine. I am no expert in this area but these are some subtle changes that I have consciously made in my routine and are showing positive results. 

Step 1: Switch on the fairy lights
Half hour to 45 mins before going to bed I switch off all the lights in the room and just keep my fairy lights on. This creates a soothing atmosphere and makes me feel more relaxed and calm. It just gives a very warm and cosy feeling before bed kind of lulls me to sleep.

Step 2: Unplug
My biggest problem is that I end up reading on my kindle and by the time I realise I am way past my bedtime and clearly messed with my sleep cycle. Now I do not keep any of my gadgets nearby before going to bed. 45 minutes before bed switch off and shut down all your gadgets; no checking emails, social media or even random scrolling on the phone. I am being honest here; this is something I still struggle at times.

Step 3: Have Cup of Decaf Tea
I have been enjoying a nice cup of Decaf Green tea before bed as this really calms me and I tend to sleep immediately. I know that having caffeine is not advisable hence I opt for a Decaf version which has been suiting me and doesn’t keep me awake till 3am. 

Step 4: Tranquil Sleep pillow spray
So glad I discovered the Forest Essentials Vaishnavi Tranquil sleep pillow spray which has added a dash of luxury to my sleep routine. This 10ml spritz bottle is packed with key ingredients like Steam distilled Sandalwood essential oil, Steam distilled geranium essential oil, Steam distilled Nutmeg essential oil, and Steam distilled Lavender essential oil.

It leaves a mild and calming lingering fragrance on the pillow that helps me fall asleep much faster and promises a tranquil sleep. Fair warnings; if you are allergic to these fragrances do not continue using them. Always spritz them at a distance of 8 to 10cm from the pillow or else the fragrance would be too over powering. Two spritzes will do the job well.

Step 5:  Stick to a stipulated time
Last step but one of the most crucial ones… Stick to a set sleep time at night. You need to get at least 7hours of good sleep hence, plan your sleep time accordingly. I go to bed by 10.30pm and wake up at 5.30am to go to the gym. Following a fixed sleep time does wonders to you because you are fresher and energetic the next day as you are not sleep deprived and your productivity levels also increase.

Overall I have been noticing a positive change in myself after following this routine. I am much calmer, more fresh and energetic and productive throughout the day. I no longer skip gym or feel tired when I wake up early or have second thoughts whether I should go or skip gym altogether.

If you have any tips to improve sleep, I would love to hear them. 


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