We all have had one particular pair of shoe/sandals with which we share a love-hate relationship. Love, because they are one of your favourite pair and hate because, they cause you a lot of pain. No ordinary pain but rather, soul numbing, blister bleeding pain. Morbid I know.

Enter the latest casualty, these Forever 21 Black sneakers which I absolutely love and look very trendy with most of my outfits but, they are a painful wear. No amount of band aids, socks or blister plasters have saved me from the pain these shoes have inflicted and yet, I have crawled back many a times to wearing them. 

My recent desert safari trip was the last time I wore them; giving me nasty blisters that has left marks and I have had enough of it. So, I have decided to let them go. If in any way they can be salvaged, do let me know in the comments below.

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